7 Reasons Why You Should Elope During COVID-19

Has your wedding been canceled due to COVID-19?

We’re seeing more and more friends and couples of ours having to cancel, postpone, or even abandon their wedding plans. 

Needless to say- you’re not alone.

But before you wave your white flag, there are alternatives to your wedding day that allow you to make your day special and even more intimate- eloping is a great way to celebrate your love in a unique and intimate way. 

Want to know some of the pro’s about eloping? Check out our list and helpful resources we’ve made for you below!

7 Perks of Eloping During COVID-19

First look on top of a mountain will always take your breath away.

1. You get to make your day all about you and your partner


Eloping takes away a lot of the stresses when it comes to planning your wedding. It removes the distractions you have on your big day and creates space for you and your partner to come together, focus on one another, and leave room for spontaneity and fun!

2. You can still include your loved ones


We know that for many of our couples it’s important for them to include their loved ones on their big day. By now, most areas across the US are allowing up to 10 people for gatherings. Here you can still celebrate you and your partner with the people you love most.

3. The weather is great during this time of year!


It’s Summer time! The Summer and Fall seasons are absolutely beautiful and offer breathtaking scenery across the US! In most places, you don’t have to worry about getting rained out, freezing cold temperatures, etc. You can go hiking, backpacking, kayaking- your options for these seasons are endless!


4. Your options for scenery are endless


The choice for scenery is endless! Want to get married in a canyon and dance your hearts away under the stars? Do it! Want to elope near a waterfall or a breathtaking lake? We can help you make that happen!  

Looking for some inspiration? Check out our blog post for some of the Best Places To Elope In 2020!


5. You can still incorporate things that matter to you


Even though COVID-19 has impacted your event it doesn’t mean that you can’t include certain services for your elopement. 

Yes, you can still wear that dress that you love! Vendors can still make the cake and flowers you picked out. Hair and makeup services have now opened back up in most states. Even more importantly, you can still have professional photographers like us capture your special day! 

Washington: County Phases For WA & Info On Phases In WA

Oregon: County Phases For OR & Info On Phases In OR 

California: County Phases + Info In California

6. Your options for adventure are limitless

You have all of the freedom to craft your day to reflect who you are as a couple. You get to choose your epic location to elope, spend your time doing outdoor activities, and even share your special moments at sunset! 

7. You can still have officiant services 


You can still have an officiant marry you! There are many ways to include this service and make your day fitting to your values. 

Even some photographers (like us) offer dual services.

To sum it all up – you have many ways to come together and share your love with your partner. Wanting to know about what your adventure elopement could entail? Check out our blog post here.

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