Bend Oregon Elopement

Jay stands behind Chelsea with his arms wrapped around her waist

Winter Oregon Elopement and Adventure Session

Ok, we gotta come clean, this isn’t an Oregon elopement, these lovelies didn’t get married during this session — it was an adventure sesh!  Adventure sessions for couples can happen for several different reasons. Maybe you’re celebrating an anniversary or engagement. Or perhaps you don’t have a specific purpose. You just love your significant other so much that you want to document that love and be able to look back on those photos for years to come. Either way, we want to be there with you to capture those stolen glances and giant grins. And that’s what we did with Chelsea and Jay for their winter adventure session!

Oregon Elopement location - how about this couple embracing next to the Deschutes River in Bend?!

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Snow Storms and Sunshine

Chelsea and Jay were celebrating one of those “just because” moments. They were both in school and working hard to accomplish their goals individually. Since they spent so much time studying and working, they decided they wanted to hit pause on life and have some fun. The day we were supposed to meet up, a snowstorm blew into town. The wind picked up, and giant snowflakes blanketed the ground.
We all decided it would be best to postpone the adventure session for an hour and see what happened with the weather. And we lucked out! Within an hour, the storm had passed, and the sun came out. The trail leading down to the river was covered lightly in snow and ice, which created beautiful scenery for their winter adventure session — added fun to slip and slide around on! 


Giant Boulders and Raging River

The location that Chelsea and Jay decided on was right near a popular bouldering area in Bend, Oregon. They had so much fun scrambling over the rocks and watching the water rush past them. Couple adventure sessions are such an excellent time to slow down and appreciate each other and your surroundings, and that’s precisely what these two did.


Heading to Bend?

Heading to Bend for a visit? Or maybe having an Oregon elopement of your own?? Awesome!! There is plenty to do and see!  We highly recommend to spend some time on the Deschutes River, have a beer at one of the many breweries (Silver Moon is great!), and maybe even grab a burrito from Parilla Grill!?

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, or want to learn more about elopements and adventure sessions!