Breathtaking El Cap Meadow Yosemite Wedding

The silhouette of a couple dancing as the sun sets behind them in Yosemite.

Not going to lie, we were pretty stoked when Lauren & Tommy’s email came through, searching for photographers for their El Cap Meadow Yosemite wedding. These two are the definition of “meant to be”. They both work in the music industry in LA and will always have a guitar to thank for their connection. Their El Cap Meadow wedding was the perfect combination of the two of them: unique, artistic, creative and romantic. 

Getting Ready for the El Cap Meadow Yosemite Wedding

The day started in Wawona at the rustic cabins they rented for themselves and their family. They took their time getting ready in separate buildings, guys in one and ladies in the other. Lauren’s son, Rene, waited patiently with Tommy as Lauren walked towards them for their “first look”. We took some family photos on the deck of the cabin before piling into the cars and heading to El Cap Meadow for their intimate wedding.

Intimate Wedding Ceremony at El Cap Meadow, Yosemite

Tommy and Lauren had spent a week in Yosemite at the beginning of the year and knew right away that they wanted to get married there. They spent days sitting in El Cap Meadow writing and creating music together and could feel the special connection there. We arrived for their wedding and Becky officiated their ceremony as their family created a semi-circle of love around them. They read their vows to each other and Rene sang “All you Need is Love”. It was perfect.

Sunset at Turtleback Dome

After their ceremony, the four of us headed off to Turtleback Dome for Topo Chicos, champagne and sunset. They slow-danced together as the sun started to sink behind the granite walls. They sat and cuddled, taking in these moments and enjoying being together on their wedding day. 

We love being able to help couples create these days that will last as memories in their lives forever. And Yosemite is definitely one of our favorite places to do this. Read more about elopements here!

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