Joshua Tree Engagement Photos

Couple sitting on a big boulder in Joshua Tree for their engagement photos.

If you are searching for that perfect location for an engagement session, you are going to love these Joshua Tree engagement photos. The whole area is dotted with giant boulders that seem to have fallen out of nowhere. The desert expanse is covered with Joshua Trees and Yucca trees, giving off a very Dr. Suess vibe. Becky has been dying to visit Joshua Tree ever since moving back to California, 4 years ago. Brian has been before on several different rock climbing trips and has a knack for finding the best, hidden locations for an engagement photo session. So when we posted on Facebook that Scenic Vows was going to be in Joshua Tree, Danielle and Miller jumped at the chance to meet us there for their engagement photos!

Couple holding hands and standing under a Joshua Tree during their sunset engagement photoshoot
Couple holding hands and standing under a Joshua Tree during their sunset engagement photoshoot
Couple walking through Joshua Tree after their sunset engagement photos.

Engagement Photos in a National Park

Danielle and Miller are best friends and the energy that they give off when they’re around each other shows it! They are spontaneous and always down to try something new. When Miller was assigned to San Diego for his military job, they pack up everything they owned in Florida and made the cross-country trek to start a new life in sunny California. All of this happened at the beginning of 2020 and shortly after their arrival, the whole world shut down. Instead of being able to explore their new city and state, they’ve stayed home and kept to themselves. They were so excited to be getting out of the house and exploring a new area. And because Miller is in the military, they were able to score a free National Parks Pass, which means they’ll be doing a lot more exploring of the parks in California!

Couple sitting and smiling during a Joshua Tree photo session
Couple holding eachother for their Joshua Tree photo session
Mom and Dad kissing baby on the opposite cheeks during a Joshua Tree engagement photo session.

Joshua Tree: the place to disconnect 

If you’ve never been to Joshua Tree, it’s important to mention that there is no cell phone service once you enter the park. To be honest, it’s one of the reasons we love visiting there!! It can be really nice to disconnect and not have cell service for a few days. Instead, we got to focus on exploring a beautiful area and scouting the perfect location for Danielle and Miller’s engagement photos!

A couple sits and looks out over a field of Joshua Trees for their engagement photos

the perfect spot for your Joshua Tree engagement photos

We drove into the park early on a Sunday morning to beat the crowds and took our time exploring. Brian had a few ideas in mind for engagement photos so we drove through, stopping to check out the lighting and scenery at each spot. We checked out a few but finally settled on our first spot which had it all: giant boulders, crazy-looking Joshua Trees everywhere, and a dirt path we could stay on to follow LNT principles. 

Man kissing his fiancé during a Joshua Tree engagement photo shoot.
Couple embracing during a Joshua Tree engagement photo session.
Engaged couple embrace with her head on his shoulder while having a Joshua Tree engagement photo session.
Cozy & Cold Engagement Photos

The wind was whipping that day and the temps were a bit colder than we expected, but Danielle and Miller had smiles on their faces the whole time we took their engagement photos. They snuggled in closer and held each other tighter, laughing and whispering in each other’s ears. It was so fun to be around them and for us all to be able to explore Joshua Tree. There’s a reason it’s on our 7 Best Places to Elope in California blog post

Interested in having your own Joshua Tree engagement photo session? 
Interested in having your own Joshua Tree engagement photos?