Sunset Taft Point Elopement

Yosemite is a pretty incredible place to say your vows almost anywhere in the park, but why not go big and have a Taft Point elopement?  Who doesn’t love a wedding with a view, right?? We sure do at Scenic Vows!

When we first met Sierra and Alex we were blown away by how badass they are. They both work in Yosemite National Park as park rangers and are avid rock climbers, adventurers, and musicians. We knew instantly that we would all become friends and get along really really well. We went to work doing what we do best…planning! First, we would need an amazing location that made them feel alive and was 100% them.

They started describing their dream location for their wedding: killer views of Yosemite Valley, a wooded area to walk through, an epic sunset spot. We immediately knew that Taft Point would be the perfect spot for their elopement. We also provide suggestions for wedding vendors and Sierra was so excited to have the help. She loved how knowledgeable Susan at Sweet Lilac Studios was about which flowers are native to Yosemite and which are not. And her elopement bouquet was absolutely stunning!

Groom holding the bride in his arms while they smile at each other at their elopemnt at taft point in Yosemite
During their Taft Point Elopement, this Bride and groom stand on the edge of a cliff, holding hands raised in the air
Groom dips bride in a passionate kiss during elopement at Taft Point.

Taft Point Elopement


For those of you who have never been, let us set the scene for you. Taft Point is a short hike located off of Glacier Point Road in Yosemite National Park. The trail begins as a beautiful meadow and quickly leads you into a forest with giant Pine trees surrounding you. The trail was a little muddy from a recent thunderstorm and everything was a vibrant green color. As we walked along, Sierra and Alex stopped to point out different ferns and centipedes we passed. The Taft Point trail is perfect for an elopement because it is very diverse. There is so much to see along the short hike in.

A couple walk hand-in-hand down a wooded trail with red backpacks, one with a beautiful wedding bouquet inside.
Bride to be walks on a wooded trail out to her elopement at taft point, wearing bright colorful pants and hiking boots. Her red backpack has her bouquet in it.
Bride kneels down with her red backpack in front of her.
Bride and groom's rings inside of a pink rose with tiny white flowers in the background
Bride pinning the boutonniere to the groom's blue suit jacket
Bride in her wedding dress, looking up at the camera, brushing her cheek with her finger tips
Groom in his blue suit, holding the bouquet of flowers and looking over his left shoulder
Bride smiling and holding the bouquet of flowers, looking over her left shoulder

Saying “I Do” on the edge of the World


When we reached the clearing at the end of the trail we all stopped to take in the views that surrounded us. There are crazy fissures everywhere (aka huge vertical gashes in the valley walls). The drop goes on for what seems like forever! Alex changed into his blue suit and cracked a beer while he waited on Sierra to get ready. She had found her dream dress at The Bridal Vault in Sonora and couldn’t wait to show Alex.

We made our way to the ceremony spot we had decided on just as the sun was setting behind us. Alex and Sierra wanted a very simple intimate ceremony for their elopement and to exchange rings. They did so on the edge of a cliff overlooking Yosemite Valley.

Bride and groom face each other while officiant stands behind them
Bride is holding bouquet and smiling at groom while officiant speaks
Bride and groom hold hands facing each other while officiant speaks
Officiant hands bride rings while groom watches
Bride puts ring on grooms finger while repeating vows after officiant
Groom puts ring on bride while officiant smiles
Groom kisses brides hand at their Taft Point Elopement
Couple high-five while bride's dress flows in the wind
Couple share their first kiss as the sky turns orange and pink behind them after their Taft Point Elopement

Capturing those iconic Yosemite photos


After exchanging their vows, the Wilds made their way over to the official Taft Point. It’s a flat ledge that overlooks the Yosemite Valley. They stopped and shared a special moment as the last few colors of the day started to slip away. These intimate moments between you and your partner are our favorite. Taft Point elopements are stunning at any time of the day because there’s 360 degree views wherever you.

Groom has his arm around bride's shoulder while they stare out over Yosemite Valley
Couple high-five and look at each other while bride holds out her dress to catch the sunlight
Couple stand at Taft Point with arms raised in the air.
Couple standing on Taft Point with hands in the air. Bride is holding bouquet
Couple leaning over looking over the edge of Taft Point
Groom picks up bride while they look at each other
Groom is holding bride in the air while they kiss.
Groom holds bride in his arms as she looks lovingly at him.
A Different Type of First Dance


Alex and Sierra brought along their ukulele and banjo to play together for their “first dance”. What we love the most about elopements is this. You can choose to include wedding traditions or you can alter them to suit you. These two wanted to create music together after getting married so that exactly what they did! As the sun dipped behind the mountains, they sang and played their hearts out, stopping only to do a little “just married” boogey.

Bride and groom dance standing next to each other
Couple does a fun shimmey dance next to each other
Bride plays ukulele while groom plays banjo as the sun sets
Couple wearing headlamps and red backpacks standing facing each other holding hands
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