Yosemite Adventure Wedding – Sarah & Ben

Kickin back in the VW Westy at Tunnel View after a Yosemite elopement.

This Yosemite adventure wedding was one of the most unique and intimate elopements we’ve experienced so far! These two decided to turn their elopement into a week-long road trip down the California coast. They went back to places that they loved and explored new bucket list locations, all in the comfort of a Volkswagon Van! Sarah and Ben’s Yosemite adventure wedding was fun, relaxed and so very much them!

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Filling out the marriage license in the VW van after the Yosemite elopement.
Wedding dress hanging from the top of a VW van.

Adventure Wedding in Yosemite

We met Ben and Sarah the day before their Yosemite adventure wedding to say hello and finally meet face-to-face! They had visited Yosemite National Park before and knew that that was where they wanted to get married. We chatted for a bit about van life and their California trip so far and then left them to enjoy the rest of their day.

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El Cap Meadow Ceremony

On their adventure wedding day, we met up at El Capitan Meadow — the location their ceremony was to take place. They took turns getting dressed, using the side mirrors of the bus to check their hair and for Ben to tie his bow tie. Once Ben was dressed and ready to go, he went down by the Merced River to wait for Sarah.

Sarah’s beautiful Ascos dress looked incredible. And most importantly for an adventure wedding…she could move in it! She made her way down to the river and gently tapped Ben on the shoulder. We’ll never forget the way his face lit up when he saw her for the first time! We walked across the street to the El Capitan Meadow and found the perfect place for their ceremony. Tucked under a huge oak tree, surrounded by breathtaking granite walls, Ben and Sarah vowed their love to each other. Our friend Donny  – Yosemite Adventure Elopements – created a beautiful ceremony for them, bringing us all to tears. Ben told Donny ahead of time that he wanted to have a moment alone with Sarah during the ceremony. So when the time came, we all stepped back out of earshot and they shared a special intimate moment, just the two of them.

After the ceremony, we jumped in our vans and cruised over to the Yosemite Chapel for some photos! We explored around the area, finding beautiful fields full of flowers. The wind had a mind of it’s own that day and was taking Sarah’s veil all over the place, making it look like it was flying!

Groom checks himself in the mirror to put his tie on before his Yosemite elopement.
Private vow exchange brought bride and groom to tears during their elopement ceremony.
Classic first look before a Yosemite adventure wedding.
Woohoo!  Congrats to Ben & Sarah, and what a wonderful Yosemite adventure wedding!

Lunch and Beers to Celebrate in the VW Westfalia

Yosemite's tunnel view does not disappoint for elopement photos!
Bride sitting in VW van just after getting hitched in Yosemite!

Their Yosemite adventure wedding continued as we headed out of the valley and up to Tunnel View. If you’ve never been to Yosemite before, Tunnel View provides one of the first views into the valley when driving into the valley. It’s probably one of our favorite views in the whole world! We took some photos of Ben and Sarah looking incredible and then just hung out for a bit with the van doors open. A lot of the time, wedding days are a blur. We loved being able to slow down and take it all in! We made grilled cheese sandwiches and shared a beer that Sarah had picked up from South Gate Brewery. 


Once we were refueled, we headed to Glacier Point for sunset. Along the way, Ben pointed out a burn area that was covered in these fluffy plants. He loved the moody vibe the area created and so we stopped to explore! Adventure weddings must have time for spontaneity and when we put together a timeline, we make sure and leave plenty of room for fun!

A Smoky Sunset at Glacier Point for the Win!

Glacier Point did not disappoint and even though it was smoky, we had a beautiful sunset. Due to the reservation system put in place last year, the crowd was minimal. Even though Ben and Sarah had visited Yosemite before their adventure wedding, they had never been to Glacier Point! We showed them all of the best spots and celebrated their day with a champagne toast! It was truly one of our favorite days because it felt so right. They celebrated their love, the way they wanted to, in the place that meant the most to them.

Glacier Point does not disappoint for wedding pics!
Newlyweds kiss in a field of poofy flowers after their adventure wedding in Yosemite.
Ring shot! Couple shows rings for a Glacier Point sunset.
Having fun during this Yosemite adventure elopement.
Titanic anyone? Newlyweds having fun during their Yosemite elopement.
Celebrating an awesome Yosemite adventure wedding with Half Dome!
Smokey sunset at Glacier Point, perfect place for a Yosemite elopement.
Bride and Groom kiss as husband and wife for their Glacier Point elopement.
A big dip for a sunset kiss in front of a smoky sunset and Half Dome.
Headlamps and Halfdome, these newlyweds celebrate their life together!
First dance to celebrate another Yosemite adventure wedding in the books!
Driving around the hairpin turn at Glacier Point with a Just Married sign in the window.