Why Elope?

Because it's so much more than just saying 'I do.'

      Imagine standing hand in hand, surrounded by epic landscapes that amplify the magic of your connection. With Scenic Vows, your wedding day becomes an intimate adventure where every detail reflects your unique bond. Feel the thrill of exchanging vows in a secluded spot that feels like it’s been waiting just for you. Experience each moment with intensity as we capture the essence of your love in stunning, heartfelt images. Let’s create a day that feels as real and unforgettable as your love story—deep, adventurous, and truly yours.

How To Elope:  Your Adventure Elopement Begins Here

Take a leap into our contact form (leaps into the air can happen later if you’d like to skydive, for example). Anyways, on our intro form, we just ask you a few questions about you and the adventure we can look forward to!

We’ll send you a text to schedule a Zoom call for a little vibe check. This is when we’ll learn a bit more about you two as a couple and chat about your plans. We love to connect with every couple before we identify the elopement specifics.

We’ll send a proposal your way shortly after our consultation. Included, you’ll find the contract, proposed photography package for your adventure, and Becky’s officiant services -- if you’re hoping for her super sweet ceremony skills anyway. Seal the deal (aka the contract) with your signature and a retainer fee, then we’ll lock in your date.

From there, there will be checkpoints along the way, but you can find just about everything in your client portal. We’ll start settling on decisions from the vow location to lodging, and the permits! The timeline is also sent in advance, usually about 4 weeks before. Don’t forget to Leave No Trace as we start the journey.

We’ll meet up a day before the elopement for a beer or coffee, talk over any logistical questions, and help you settle in. The next morning always feels more calm after we chat in person. During the elopement itself, we follow our roadmap for the day without overlooking the spontaneous moments that often shape events like these. We don’t want poses — we want the natural movement and stories in between any direction that we might give (which is easy when you’re busy reminiscing in a hot air balloon).

Just 6-8 weeks later when the chaco tans have faded, you’ll see the final, high resolution (print-ready) photos slide into your inbox. Your friends will wonder how you look so stunning and in-the-moment. You can tell them the secret — you had help.

Where should you Elope?

Take the quiz!

In case you're still a bit undecided on where the two of you want to elope, we've created a fun little quiz to get some ideas flowing!  Have fun with it, be honest with the questions, and definitely let us know if you love the match! (Or how far off it is! 😂)

Take the QUiz!

  • An experience that shapes the first moments of your marriage in a style that feels like you (cliffside, seaside or just a picnic — up to you!)

  • More intimate time with your person, already reminiscing about the adventures that have just begun

  • Just a handful of friends and family who will be right there with you in these wild, wow-factor moments

  • The most stressful part is also the most fun — deciding where to elope (plus the rest of the planning is easy with a photography team like us!)


  • A time-consuming, expensive affair that just doesn’t fit who you are, or how you actually care to spend your time (especially on a day like this!)

  • Less one-on-one time with each other because you’re juggling small talk with other people

  • Dreading the idea of trying to share an intimate moment with the crowd’s eyes on you the entire time

  • Balancing your full-time job with wedding planning, mind-numbing decisions and the cost of feeding hundreds of people


Our advice as adventure elopement photographers? 

Elope With us!

Go with your gut.

Tyler & Michelle | McCall, Idaho

We couldn’t be happier. They are truly enjoyable to work with and put in a lot of effort to make the day your own.

“All of our pictures turned out amazing and were tailored to our personalities.”


Erica & Jeff | Zion National Park

Working with them was like working with our best friends. Easy and stress free. Oh, and our pictures are AMAZING!!!!

“Words cannot describe our experience with Scenic Vows.”


Brooke & Greg | Yosemite

We are so pleased with our photos and would definitely recommend Scenic Vows to anyone looking to elope!

“They really took the time to understand the vision we had!”




The reviews, the couples, and how they chose to adventure

Elopement Adventures, Unraveled 

We’re Becky and Brian, van-based adventure elopement photographers traveling the world helping couples create memorable elopements in nature while capturing naturally beautiful photographs. 

Since you’re here, we’ll let you in on the secret formula for a wow factor elopement. Don’t tell, but the experience ends up feeling unreal because we (your adventure elopement photographers) really care about the details — getting our hands dirty in the logistics that lead to life-changing moments with your person. Everything that matters, nothing that doesn’t.

While helicopter hellos and sunset soirees are common ingredients in our work, the usual for our couples is the unconventional. With us, the adventure is everything you want it to be. Think paddle board exits instead of sparkler send-offs, or first looks with the dog. Where are we headed, or is that decision our first step? Need help picking between Alaska, California, or a remote island? Sweet, that’s our, well, sweet spot.

Elope with Us


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