A peek into some of our Elopements

Here are some images from real life elopements for you to enjoy! Be sure to click on each gallery to see the collection.

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How To Elope:  Your Adventure Elopement Begins Here

Take a leap into our contact form (leaps into the air can happen later if you’d like to skydive, for example). Anyways, on our intro form, we just ask you a few questions about you and the adventure we can look forward to!

We’ll send you a text to schedule a Zoom call for a little vibe check. This is when we’ll learn a bit more about you two as a couple and chat about your plans. We love to connect with every couple before we identify the elopement specifics.

We’ll send a proposal your way shortly after our consultation. Included, you’ll find the contract, proposed photography package for your adventure, and Becky’s officiant services -- if you’re hoping for her super sweet ceremony skills anyway. Seal the deal (aka the contract) with your signature and a retainer fee, then we’ll lock in your date.

From there, there will be checkpoints along the way, but you can find just about everything in your client portal. We’ll start settling on decisions from the vow location to lodging, and the permits! The timeline is also sent in advance, usually about 4 weeks before. Don’t forget to Leave No Trace as we start the journey.

We’ll meet up a day before the elopement for a beer or coffee, talk over any logistical questions, and help you settle in. The next morning always feels more calm after we chat in person. During the elopement itself, we follow our roadmap for the day without overlooking the spontaneous moments that often shape events like these. We don’t want poses — we want the natural movement and stories in between any direction that we might give (which is easy when you’re busy reminiscing in a hot air balloon).

Just 6-8 weeks later when the chaco tans have faded, you’ll see the final, high resolution (print-ready) photos slide into your inbox. Your friends will wonder how you look so stunning and in-the-moment. You can tell them the secret — you had help.