Hey,  we're Becky and Brian (yup, B&B. Easy to remember!). We document epic elopements with a philosophy that the best adventures feel spontaneous and sensational when the details aren’t dismissed. We advise on the oh-so-impactful logistics, do all of the location scouting, and even lend our officiant skills (that’s Becky). So, no need to sweat the details.

Scenic Vows is led by a team of two adventure elopement photographers

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Our adventure wedding photography philosophy is best described as open-air: helping couples create and capture their outdoor elopement experience, with a door-is-always-open feel. All the logistics, and any adventure you can imagine. With us, it’s like partnering with a creative director, planner, and photography team that knows how to put you in the best light, without standing in the way of in-the-moment feels (and boy do they happen).

Our approach as elopement photographers

Outdoors & Out Of The Box

Ordained officiant who’s known for customizing ceremonies that bring out the best emotions

The torch-bearer of elevating the mood with a sociable spirit

Pinning hair, zipping dresses, and pausing to make sure those palpable feels are there between the location or outfit changes

Can’t get enough of the unreal joy that comes through on the faces of our couples

Creative director with a focus on movement and unposed portraits that won’t make you feel lost or
unlike yourself

Aficionado of finding the most artistically beautiful frames that taps into both light and landscape

Keeps everyone on track with a roadmap for the day that doesn’t overlook spontaneity 

Often raving about the raw connection and how wild it is to document stories like this



Two in one doesn’t get much better than this (except for the two of you, and one unbelievably beautiful elopement).

Your Traveling Elopement Photography Team

John & Ashley | Yosemite

“Becky and Brian were AMAZING. Of course, the pictures were beautiful and they are so easy to work with. It is a day we will remember forever and they were integral to making it happen. We cannot recommend them enough!”

... running this adventure wedding photography business with views from our self-converted Mercedes Sprinter van. 

Summering in Montana, Spending Winters in California, And...

Tell Us how you met!

It all started with a scenic cycling trip through America’s Caribbean, the Florida Keys. Followed by one of those never-forget, spontaneous instances of life when an ice storm delayed Brian’s flight by three days, three days in which he happened to stay with Becky (who was a friend of a friend). After those three days together, we stayed in touch. Becky went on to Thailand and Brian moved to Montana. 

And finally, five years ago after moving in together, Scenic Vows was founded with one goal — to tell more wild, yet wonderful love stories while spending more time in the wilderness.

How we met

Originally from Ohio, and with 15 years spent in Yosemite, Brian completed an immersive photography program in Montana. From there, he pursued commercial photography with well-known brands (Nike, Bowflex, and UnderArmour to name a few). He ditched those photoshoots, though, so he could merge his passions for creative direction and storytelling while, truth be told, spending as much time in the mountains as possible. Cycling and fly-fishing make frequent appearances in his monthly life, in addition to building out, upgrading or otherwise customizing the van. He’s currently working on a vanlife cookbook with his and Becky’s favorite on-the-road eats.


Born in Massachusetts and with a bachelor’s degree in sociology (yes, it makes sense that she’s our officiant!), Becky loves the logistical side. She also has a Wilderness First Responder certification through a program that covers first aid and CPR training. Before founding Scenic Vows with Brian at her side, living abroad was one of Becky’s favorite adventures. She spent two years in Thailand and one in Australia (she misses the chill Aussie vibes and white sandy beaches). You’re likely to catch Becky making jewelry out of the van or roller skating along the winding California coast.


When home is wherever your wheels can take you, you learn pretty quickly how to track down the best views. Our life, personally and professionally, is directed by the scenery and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Location scouting isn’t just in our elopement packages, it’s built into our very lifestyle. We’ve uncovered some pretty awe-inspiring landscapes for elopement destinations while on the road.

Visionary Direction

Meets VanLife Vibes

ELope with Us

Where we’ve traveled as van life creatives and elopement photographers

Adventure, in our world, equals...

A biking trip alongside the crashing waves of Big Sur where we swapped stories with people from all over the world when we camped each night.

That 3-week trip in a '95 Chevy Van named Betty, exploring Alaska where we chased the most delicious clam chowder we could find (sans bacon, cuz we're pescatarians). Meanwhile, Brian pursued the ultimate catch of a salmon on his fly rod, and we hiked while terrified of running into grizzlies.

Cross-country road trip from Charlotte to California, unearthing the best sunset spots for camping, and falling in love with the miraculous beauty of Montana.

We Leave No Trace, But We Do Like To Leave An Impression...

With photographs that serve as a grounding reminder of this rush of an adventure.

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