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Backlit by a beautiful sunset, the groom dips the bride for a kiss after a Yosemite elopement.

Throw away the rule book and have a wild and romantic wedding that is uniquely yours!

Our Company

For us, we have discovered that there is something so special about losing track of time doing the thing you love most. 

Scenic Vows was born as a result of our shared passions for adventure, sustainability, inclusivity and diversity. These passions have led us to experience a vast range of what nature has to offer across the globe. 

When crafting our company, we knew that we wanted to give our clients boundless opportunities to have their own experience with nature. That’s when we realized that we wanted to do more than just capturing a couple’s elopement- we wanted to support them throughout their entire journey. 

With Brian’s education and background in photography paired with Becky’s project management skills and officiant certifications (she is certified in all 50 states), we have been able to cultivate a business that captures and supports your special day from start to finish.

First dance after a sunset Yosemite elopement.

Our Story 

For a handful of years, the two of us separately worked at Yosemite National Park yet never happened to cross paths. To be fair there are over 800 miles of trails, so it would’ve taken some time to happen but never did.

Ironically, A spontaneous trip to Florida paired with unforeseen weather conditions causing a change of plans, we met by chance at a mutual friends get together and instantaneously connected. The rest is history. 

With our shared passions in adventure, spontaneity, and sustainability, we felt inspired to live a nomadic lifestyle, traveling across the west coast taking in all that nature has to offer. This lifestyle has allowed us to traverse this beautiful country capturing precious moments between couples who are sharing their utmost intimate moments- promising their love and lives to one another.

Our Values


Exploring and capturing what nature has to offer is a wholesome experience. We find it important to respect this very thing we cherish and have adopted the 7 principles of Leave No Trace into our daily lives.

Some of these principles include planning and preparing for our travels, properly disposing of our waste, and being both mindful and respectful of our impact on nature, wildlife, and other explorers.


It is our goal to create a community that is welcoming to all. By having open and honest conversations, respecting boundaries, and being willing to share new experiences, we aim to create a safe space for our couples. 

Ultimately we want our couples to feel seen, heard, and comfortable enough to share their thoughts, ideas, emotions, and faiths so we can better serve them. 


Given our love for adventure, we’ve had the opportunity to travel across the world. We have experienced various cultures, landscapes, wildlife, and agriculture. This has created an ongoing opportunity for us to expand our knowledge, push our ways of thinking, and present ourselves with opportunities that we might not experience otherwise.

Recent Adventures

Brian bouldering in Bend, OR.
Becky looking out over a lake, rejoicing in the awe of New Zealand.
Brian pushes his bike up a sand dune while bike touring the Florida coast.
Becky shredding the gnar after a big storm at Heavenly, South Lake Tahoe.
Brian fly fishing in Montana, favorite thing to do if not shooting adventure elopements!.
Jorje Blanco, our home and headquarters of Scenic Vows, living it up in the South-Eastern Sierra
Selfie of Brian & Becky, cycling a big loop around Reno.
Jorje Blanco poses in the northern lights of Montana.
We hiked to a frozen waterfall in Reno last fall, super cool hike out of the desert!
Becky being a tourist in one of the best places to elope in the world, New Zealand.
Brian in his element, Missoula, Montana
Jorje, and his toys, out at Grant lake during a summer of huge forest fires in the Sierra Nevada.
Becky explores the Narrows -- a super awesome hike in the Virgin River in Zion National Park.
Becky tests her balance on a fallen tree.
The heart and sole of Scenic Vows!
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