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How to Get an Alaska Marriage License in 2024

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Planning an epic Alaskan elopement  amidst the stunning landscapes of Alaska? Well, you’re in for an adventure! In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of obtaining an Alaska marriage license, from eligibility requirements to where to exchange vows with the most breathtaking backdrops. You’ll learn the ins and outs of filling out the application seamlessly, ensuring your elopement journey begins smoothly. Plus, we’ll dive into who can officiate your ceremony and how much it cost for an Alaska marriage license. So, whether you’re dreaming of exchanging vows under the Northern Lights or on a glacier, this blog will help you navigate the steps you need to take to make your Alaskan marriage legal.

Who Can Get Married in Alaska

Anyone can get married in Alaska, as long as they are over the age of 18. If you are 16 or 17, parental consent is required and you must get a court order. 

Where to Get Married in Alaska

This is often a tough question for us since Alaska is huge and full of incredible locations to say “I do”. When you’re thinking about your Alaska wedding, consider what type of landscape, activities, and access you are looking for. Interested in a really remote elopement location? Check out Gates of the Arctic. Wanting an ocean wedding surrounded by mountain peaks? Take a look at Valdez. We dive more into the perfect Alaska wedding location over on our Alaska Elopement Guide.

Already know where you want to elope and when? We’d love to hear the details and help you figure out the logistics!

What is an Alaska Marriage License?

The state of Alaska marriage license is required if you are wanting to have your wedding ceremony in Alaska. It is valid for anywhere in the state of Alaska or Alaska state waters. Once the marriage license is processed, you are officially married in all 50 states. 

Alaska Marriage License Application

When it comes to filling out your Alaska marriage license application, it’s pretty straight forward. There’s a link to the application online at the Vital Records Office website. You’ll fill out some basic information about both of you such as names, address, date of birth, and phone number. There are a few questions for you to answer and then a spot for you both to sign the Alaska Marriage license application. The key here is to not sign until you are in front of a notary or the application won’t be valid. 

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How to Apply for State of Alaska Marriage License

There are two ways to apply for the Alaska marriage license: in-person and online. Below we’ll walk through the details and requirements for both options.

In-Person Marriage License Application

If you live in Alaska or plan to be there before your elopement date you can apply in person. The two of you will need to visit the Alaska Vital Records Office in either Juneau or Anchorage or an Alaska courthouse. You will need to bring your government issued IDs, such as a driver’s license or passport and a check or money order for $60. The marriage license takes 3 days to process so you will have to return to pick it up after 3 days. Make sure if you are applying for the marriage license in person that you account for the waiting period.

How to Get an Alaska Marriage License Online

The other option is to apply for the marriage license online. This certainly makes things easier if you don’t live in Alaska or if you don’t have time to visit before your elopement date. Here are the steps to take:

  • You can start the process by filling out the marriage license application that you can find here on the Vital Records website. Once you have the form filled out, you’ll have to have it notarized before signing it. You can find a local notary at some UPS store locations, libraries, and banks.
  • After you have it notarized, you’ll slip it into the mail along with copies of both of your driver’s license and a check or money order for $60. (If you want priority mail, which we recommend, it’s an extra $9, so $69.)
  • The marriage license is valid for up to 90 days after you apply.
  • After you have applied and sent in the fee for the license, you’ll send an email to the Vital Records office (ANCHBVS@alaska.gov) so that they can send you your marriage license in the mail. This website has some helpful info as well.
  • You must return the marriage license to the same office following the ceremony. If Becky is officiating for you, she can take care of that!

Who Can Officiate Your Alaska Wedding

When it comes to who can officiate your wedding in Alaska, there are quite a few options! Alaska marriage law says that any of the following are allowed to perform a marriage ceremony:

  • Any religious leader (minister, priest, or Rabbi of any church or congregation)
  • A marriage commissioner
  • An elected official holding a public office in the state
  • A judicial officer of the state

If you have a friend or family member who you want to officiate the ceremony for you, according to Alaska marriage law, they are able to. They will need to schedule a marriage commissioner appointment, provide some basic information (name, date of intended wedding ceremony, and location, names of the couple getting married) and pay a $25 fee. There is no waiting period and if you have questions about this process, the Alaska Courts website has some great information and a phone number to contact. 

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