A bride and groom smile at each other while the officiant reads during their cliffside wedding ceremony.

Cliffside Wedding in Big Sur

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If you’ve been dreaming of having a cliffside wedding in Big Sur, we’re here to say…Go for it! There are countless cliffside wedding spots in Big Sur with a variety of landscapes and beautiful scenery everywhere you look. That’s exactly why Sruthi and Don chose to have a cliffside wedding in Big Sur.

Getting Ready for Their Big Sur Elopement

When we first spoke with them they had decided on a cliffside wedding in Big Sur because it had a little bit of everything. Mountains, cliffs, beaches, and big trees. Sruthi and Don are both from India but in very different parts. Sruthi grew up by the beach and Don grew up in the mountains. They wanted to have both sceneries included in their Big Sur elopement. So we went to work researching the perfect location for their cliffside wedding.

 The day started at their Airbnb. Sruthi and Don had told no one about their Big Sur elopement plans, except their close friend who was going to officiate the ceremony. The three of them got ready at the Airbnb, while we took photos of some special details like their rings, vow books, and Sruthi’s dress. The guys went outside, down to the river to wait for the “first look”. Becky helped Sruthi curl her hair and when she was ready, she walked out to surprise Don. 

Hiking Through Big Sur

After the first look, we drove into Big Sur and headed out on a hike. Don and Sruthi wanted to see some big trees on their elopement day, so we found the perfect trail to hike down. It winded through a canyon and finally opened into a clearing of Redwood trees. The two of them walked across the trees and stared up in awe at the gentle giants.

If giant redwoods and a breathtaking coastline sound like your perfect elopement spot, get in touch! We love Big Sur, and can’t wait to see what your elopement day looks like!

Cliffside Wedding Ceremony

We hiked back out and headed to their cliffside wedding ceremony spot. The views from the top were incredible. The ocean went on forever in front of us while the mountains loomed behind, hidden by a layer of ocean fog. Their friend, Aravinth, performed the ceremony and there wasn’t a dry eye around. Sruthi and Don exchanged their vows, promising each other their love and commitment, gave each other rings as a symbol of their vows, and sealed it all with a kiss. It was a beautiful ceremony and you could tell how much it meant to all of them!

Sunset Champagne Pop

As the sun began to set, we walked down to the beach to pop champagne and dance as the waves crashed around us. There was so much laughter and fun on this beautiful day and we love being able to relive it through the photos. 

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