A bride and groom sit side by side in a canoe paddling across Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park.

15 Adventure Elopement Ideas

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The best part about eloping (in our opinion) is the fact that you get to include all the adventure elopement ideas and activities that you want to do! The options are endless, which is thrilling but can also be a bit overwhelming. The best thing to do is think about the things you and your partner like to do together. Is there a hobby that means a lot to the two of you? Or, is there something new you’ve always wanted to try? If you still need a bit of inspiration we’ve put together a list of epic elopement ideas for you to check out and start dreaming of for your amazing wedding! 

You may also be thinking, “Why would we want to include an activity on our elopement day??” Well, let us tell you. Not only will adding an activity to your day make it memorable and fun, but it can take away all the nervousness, anxiety, and that oh-so-common thought “What should we do with our hands?”, lol. And not to mention gives so many wonderful photo opportunities for you to cherish and love forever!

Adventure Elopement Ideas for Kayaking & Canoeing

If you two are water people this could be a super fun thing to incorporate into your elopement day! There are so many beautiful lakes around the US and the world that would provide killer views. What better way to explore those than in a kayak or canoe?! Some of the best locations in the USA for kayaking are Lake Tahoe, California, Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska, San Juan Islands, Washington, and Na Pali Coast, Kauai, Hawaii. These international locations will blow your mind and certainly make for an epic elopement experience: Sea of Cortez, Baja California, Mexico, Vancouver Island, BC Canada, the Amazon River, South America, Sermilik Fjord, Greenland, and Fiordland New Zealand.


If you and your partner enjoy hiking, think about including this elopement idea in your day! Why not go for a hike and say your vows on a mountain peak or in a beautiful spring meadow! There are sooooooo many incredible trails, both short and long, that would be an awesome idea for an elopement. Maybe you have a favorite trail near home that you’ve hiked a million times or maybe there’s somewhere new you’ve always wanted to go. Either way, hiking is a great activity to consider and can even be added to almost any elopement itinerary!

Elopement Ideas for Paddleboarding

If you’re feeling a bit more sturdy on your feet, then paddle boarding is a fun water sport to consider as an elopement idea. The chance of you getting wet is a bit higher, but could also be a fun way to “trash the dress” if that’s one of your elopement ideas! One of the most popular spots for paddle boarding is Lake Tahoe, California. The water is crystal clear and one of the bluest blues you will ever see! A few other great paddle boarding locations are Lake Powell, Arizona, The Keys, Florida, and Oahu, Hawaii. If you’re thinking about taking the fun overseas, check out Whistler, BC, Banff, Alberta, and Bali, Indonesia. 

Backpacking and Camping

Camping and backpacking are some of our favorite epic activity ideas to add to an elopement day. It creates so much more of an experience, from the moment you start hiking until the moment you get back — and with all the amazing views! Multi-day backpacking trips are so special and provide numerous different sceneries and activities in themselves!

Do you have some elopement ideas of your own??

Ferry Ride Ideas for Your Elopement

This might be a fun idea that you hadn’t considered including on your elopement day. But hear us out. Ferry rides are a lot of fun! There’s something magical about cruising across the water, feeling the wind on your face, and looking out over the waves. Plus this is your chance to be Jack & Rose in your own Titanic scene! These US ferry rides Golden Gate Ferry, CA, Washington State Ferry, WA,  Alaska Marine Highway System, AK, and Catalina Express, CA, are the perfect way to visit a larger city and see it from a completely different angle!

If you’re planning an international elopement make sure and include a ferry ride in one of these places: Golden Horn Ferry, Istanbul, Jadrolinija Ferry, Croatia, and Sydney Ferries, Australia.  

Bike Riding

This is a great option for all you cyclists!  How about riding up the gondola for a first look at mid-mountain, and then saying your vows at the top of the world, and then shredding down your favorite mountain biking trails together?!  Another option could be to go for a weekend bike tour. Say, for example, a ride down the California coast.  Say your vows on a sea cliff or secluded beach, and ride off into the setting sun!


Fishing could be a fun activity to add to your elopement day! From fly fishing to deep-sea fishing, it’s always fun to include something you enjoy doing together. Plus, as photographers, we love any added “props” and being able to catch you in action (no pun intended ?).

Adventure Elopement Ideas for Helicopter Rides

Flying above the earth and seated next to your favorite person on your elopement day sounds pretty freaking epic! A helicopter tour is a great way to see a new location (or an old one) from the sky! Added bonus is that these helicopter pilots know all the best spots to take you for epic photos! If both of you love flying, we would definitely recommend including this with your other elopement ideas on your wedding day! Some locations stateside that provide amazing views are Juneau, AK, Big Island, HI, and Denali National Park, AK. If you’re planning on going international, definitely consider flying high over Great Barrier Reef, AU, or Victoria Falls, Zambia & Zimbabwe.

As you probably guessed by now, there are so many fun things to include on your elopement day — and we’re just getting warmed up! Seen enough, or ready to get started with your own elopement ideas? If not, keep reading!


This is certainly an epic activity for your elopement day! Off-roading and ATV riding can provide a very private and awesome way to see parts of the country that are not as easily accessible. We do recommend either having experience with off-roading or hiring an experienced company to provide you with a safe and fun tour.

If you’re dreaming of a winter elopement, a super fun elopement idea is snowmobiling! Similar to ATVs, including a snowmobiling trip will add a fun element and allow us to get some amazing views in the snow!

Rock Climbing/Bouldering

Picture getting married in a beautiful boulder-strewn hillside — maybe even surrounded by a few of your closest climbing partners and family.  Or maybe your dream is to get hitched on while tied into a rope on top of a mountain ledge above your favorite crag. If you’re first timers we recommend hiring a guide to show you the ropes and keep you safe! And if you have the experience with either and want to tie it into your elopement then we are 100% on board! There’s nothing cooler than climbing up a mountain in your wedding attire!!

Hot Air Balloon Ride Adventure Elopement Ideas

Imagine waking up before sunrise, jumping in a giant balloon, and floating over the world as the sun peeks out to start the day! Talk about an epic elopement! There are so many beautiful places for hot air balloon rides such as Albuquerque, NM, Napa Valley, CA, Letchworth State Park, NY, and Grand Canyon, AZ. Some of the most popular hot air balloon locations worldwide are Serengeti, Tanzania, and Cappadocia, Turkey.

Swimming on your Elopement Day

A growing trend for elopements and weddings is the “trash the dress” trend. All this really means is living your elopement day to its fullest which could include getting your dress dirty or wet! If this is something you want to include, think about jumping in the ocean, a lake, or a river at the end of your day for some fun “trash the dress” photos! Or, if that’s not what you’re into, bring along your swimsuit so you can enjoy the water!

A bride and groom just off a rock into a lake in Yosemite on their elopement day.

Sky Diving Ultimate Elopement Idea

If you and your partner are looking for a bit of a thrill on your elopement day, why not jump out of a plane?! Skydiving is certainly a thrill seeker’s dream and if you’re up to it check out Snohomish, WA, San Diego, CA, or Kalispell, MT for some awesome views the whole way down. Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, or Fox Glacier, NZ  would be incredible if you’re heading overseas!

View the Aurora Borealis

This night-time activity would be an amazing elopement idea to end your day! Imagine snuggling up with your partner in a yurt or cabin in the woods watching this phenomenon around you! We are already drooling at all the dreamy photo opportunities to be had for this! Some of the best locations to witness the Aurora Borealis in the US are Fairbanks, AK, Panhandle National Forest, ID, and Glacier National Park, MT. There are countless locations in the rest of the world but a few suggestions are Tromso, Norway, Lapland, Finland, and Orkney, Scotland.

Visit A Different Country

If you and your partner enjoy international travel and exploring new places, consider visiting somewhere new for your elopement!  This adventure elopement idea can really take you anywhere you can dream!

Ready to Start Planning Your Elopement Day?

Or do you have some more elopement ideas to share with us??  We want to hear them all!!

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