A couple ride on a snowmobile with trees behind them on their winter elopement day.

Winter Elopement Snowmobiling Adventure

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You know you’ve found a great couple to work with when you can’t wait to start planning their winter elopement.  After we (B & B of Scenic Vows) hung up the phone from our first chat with Hollie and Roger, we dove straight into brainstorming some ideas for a true adventure-style Montana winter elopement! From getting ready in a cozy cabin, and jumping on snowmobiles to reading private vows while the snow falls, this winter elopement is packed full of adventure.

Getting Ready in a Winter Cabin in Big Sky, Montana

Hollie and Roger told us how they loved riding side-by-sides together back home in Kentucky, so when we suggested snowmobiling for their winter elopement, they were so excited! For their winter elopement, they decided to leave their 5 kids at home and knew that this “parents-only” trip wouldn’t happen very often. So why not go all out and plan a snowmobiling elopement that they will never forget?!

When we drove up to the cute cabin they were staying at it was -2 degrees!! Snowflakes were falling and the mountains were hidden in a cloud of fog. Talk about a real winter elopement day! We went inside to take some photos of their rings, Hollie’s dress, their vows books by Ox & Pine, and her beautiful bouquet of wooden flowers that Squirrelly Home Designs made for her! While we were taking photos, Hollie and Roger were warming themselves up with shots of whiskey to prep for the chilly day ahead!

Snowy First Look in Big Sky

Hollie got into her dress and made her way outside, where Roger was waiting for her in the snow, under an arch at Rainbow Ranch Lodge. He turned around slowly and there was so much love and admiration on his face when he saw his beautiful partner. They took their time smiling and giggling as they checked each other out, all dressed up in their wedding attire.

Snowmobiles and a Wedding Dress

After their first look, it was time to head across the street to Summit ATV where we got geared up for our snowmobile ride. Becky had a white pair of snow pants that Hollie put on under her wedding dress which helped her keep warm all day and still look amazing!

Right after we left Summit ATV, we found a beautiful clearing with a wooden fence that was perfect for elopement photos. Hollie and Roger went for a short walk to keep themselves warm as we captured cute moments of the two of them.

After our quick stop, we started climbing up the mountainside, weaving in and out of the trees. The trail took us higher and higher as the mountains peeked out from the snowy clouds that hung onto them.

Thinking you’re ready for your winter elopement? And want to get started right now?? We get it, winter elopements are pretty amazing, and we love capturing (and planning!) every moment!

A Perfect Snowy Winter Elopement

We reached a clearing that Hollie and Roger thought would be perfect for their elopement ceremony. They stripped out of their snowsuits for a couple of quick photos in their wedding attire before bundling up again.

As they read their vows to each other the snow started falling harder around them. After their vows, Hollie decided it was time to ditch her elopement dress and Roger swung it over his shoulder as they walked through the snow. They laughed and kissed, falling into the snow and thoroughly enjoying their winter elopement day.

As we wrapped up the day, the snow let up and we got a peak at the mountains. We celebrated by having burgers and hot toddies at the Corral Bar. It was the perfect end to a winter elopement!

We love being able to help couples create these days that will last as memories in their lives forever. And Montana is definitely one of our favorite places to do this. Read more about elopements here!

If you’re interested in having your own winter elopement, head over to our contact form so we can start chatting about what your winter elopement day will look like!

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