Alabama Hills Adventure Elopement

Nestled in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains, this is one of the coolest places for a wedding — check out The Alabama Hills  Adventure Elopement. Picture rolling hills and giant metamorphic volcanic boulders, and the Sierra Nevada Mountains towering in the background.  They really set the mood for a different planet kind of vibe. It’s a mix of the rugged wild west and Mars — and it’s awesome!  We’ve visited here many times, and were thrilled when Eddie and Nancy wanted to meet up for a Scenic Vows adventure elopement photoshoot!

A couple laughs in the Alabama Hills as the man dips the woman back and she swings her white dress around.
White Sprinter Van drives through the Alabama Hills on the way to an adventure elopement.

Alabama Hills Adventure Elopement and the Alabama Hills Heat

   Let’s set the scene for you. We drove up 395 a day ahead of time and found the perfect camping spot.   It was tucked into some boulders which provided a bit of much-needed shade. It was also the end of July which means it was super hot and really dry. You know it’s going to be a hot one when you wake up at 7 am already sweating!  We decided to spend the day trying to cool down in the only water source around for miles — a tiny creek that runs through the Alabama Hills. It wasn’t much but it was so welcomed! Luckily, as the day progressed, the temperature started to drop…a little.

   By the time we met up with Eddie and Nancy, it was around 5 pm and still hovering around 95 degrees! We spent some time getting to know each other, enjoying some frosty beers. We chatted about their Alabama Hills adventure elopement. A big dream of Eddie and Nancy’s is to buy their own van one day. We chit-chatted about the pros and cons and what we would do differently if we were to do another van build someday. 

All About Comfort and Fun

   After hanging for a bit, it was time. Time to get ready for their Alabama Hills elopement photoshoot! Eddie donned a pair of dark slacks and a button-down shirt. Nancy slipped into a two-piece white skirt and white top. Nancy, the queen of hats, naturally had a beautiful maroon fedora hat that matched perfectly with her maroon shoes. She had picked up a beautiful bouquet at the LA flower market the day before, and they were the perfect complement to her outfit. 

A couple throws their hands in the air to celebrate their Alabama Hills adventure elopement!
A couple almost kisses after their adventure elopement in the Alabama Hills.
Bride in white dress and red hat with bouquet in her hand is helped over the rocks by her husband.
A bride caresses her husbands face as her cuddles her from behind after their adventure elopement in the Alabama Hills.

Sunset Behind the Tallest Peak

Bride and Groom kiss after Alabama Hills Adventure Elopement

Adventure elopements are all about adventure, no matter how big or small. This one was so fun! We scrambled up and down the boulders as the sun started to set behind Mount Whitney. Eddie and Nancy were so comfortable and playful around each other. It really showed what a perfect match they were for each other!

After exploring several different spots and capturing these two adventurous love birds, we headed back to camp to make dinner and get ready for a real once-in-a-lifetime show…the Neowise meteor and the milky way!

Neowise and The Milky Way

If you’ve ever been camping in the middle of nowhere, you know how incredible the night sky looks. If you haven’t, just imagine being in complete darkness with hundreds of thousands of stars twinkling around you.

Watching the stars come out was the perfect way to end this Alabama Hill adventure elopement. Since the sky is so dark here, Neowise meteor was clear and bright. The Milky Way was also splashed across the sky. Eddie had never seen the Milky Way before so it was such an awesome experience to be able to share with him! 

Comet NeoWise above Jorje Blanco, the converted Sprinter van in the Alabama Hills