Intimate Wedding in Yosemite – Diana & Justin

Newlyweds watch the alpine glow on Half Dome after their intimate wedding in Yosemite.

When Covid hits, you pivot and have an intimate wedding in Yosemite National Park! And you make it more amazing than you ever dreamed it would be! That’s exactly what happened with Diana and Justin last September. After their large wedding was put on hold, they quickly changed their plans to have their immediate families only. To add to the mix of uncertainty with COVID, the west coast was suffering from one of the worst wildfire seasons ever seen. Yosemite National Park closed the week before their intimate wedding because the smoke was so bad. But the universe knew this elopement was meant to be and the park opened just in time — literally the evening before!

Newlyweds run down the road towards Half Dome for their Glacier Point intimate wedding!
Newlyweds hanging out at Tunnelview after their Yosemite elopement
Groom hugging his new wife after their Yosemite elopement!
Bride looks p lovingly at groom after the Glacier Point Elopement in Yosemite.
Bride and groom doing their first dance as a married couple under the stars in Yomemite.

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Intimate Wedding at Cathedral Beach

They decided on an intimate wedding ceremony that took place on a chilly fall morning at Cathedral Beach. If you want to elope in Yosemite, then don’t forget to  check out the National Park Service restrictions to see what’s open and allowed. The beach was deserted except for us and the smoke created a beautiful haze to the sky. With El Capitan and their family watching on, Diana and Justin promised to love and cherish each other for the rest of their lives. 

Morning light peaks through the mountains during this Intimate wedding in Yosemite Valley.
Newlyweds and El Capitan just moments after the Yosemite elopement on the beach.
Details of the Buddhist alter for this Yosemite intimate wedding.

Family First

After the ceremony, we explored the beach and captured stunning family photos, some serious and some a bit goofy. These two families radiated so much love and support for Diana and Justin and it shows in the images. Diana and Justin managed to sneak in some fishing for a few minutes!  What a great idea for some fun elopement ideas on your wedding day!  (Check out some more over here! – 15 Adventure Elopement Ideas)

The bridal party (the women of both families) pose for a funny portrait after a Yosemite intimate wedding
First kiss after a beautiful Yosemite elopement on the river.
Brand new newlyweds carve in some time to try their luck fishing in the Merced!  Now this is a unique elopement and we love it!
All guys wanted a fun pic too! This was a great Yosemite Elopement, and showed that family can indeed be part of your big day!

Champagne Toasts and Deer Photobombs

Even though it was early, everyone agreed that a champagne toast was a must! We made our way to the Superintendent’s Bridge and they popped a bottle of bubbly! Justin made a beautiful toast to his new wife Diana and to their families for being there for them! A family of deer decided they wanted to be included and totally photobombed their photos! Once the champagne was gone, we took a break for lunch and agreed to meet up later at Tunnel View. One great benefit of van life is that our home is always with us! Sometimes it’s really nice to take a break on an elopement day so that we can backup images, recharge our batteries, and eat some food!

Groom ,akes a toast to his new wife at their yosemite intimate wedding.
Family cheers after the groom made a toast to his new wife!
Groom leads his new wife to the car to head up to Glacier Point after the Yosemite Valley elopement.
These deer kept photobombing this intimate wedding ceremony, only in Yosemite!
Groom pours champagne for his wife for a toast after their intimate wedding.
Bride and groom staring at each other in awe,  they just had a beautiful Yosemite elopement!

Dancing Under the Yosemite Stars

We made our way to Glacier Point as the sun began to set behind Half Dome. Justin and Diana shared so many laughs and jokes throughout the day and their families were so sweet. The whole day ended up being perfect and they let us know how glad they were that they had decided to have a small intimate wedding in Yosemite. 

Newlyweds up at Tunnel View after the Yosemite elopement!
Groom dips his bride with the sunset falling behind on the Yosemite Valley
Couple taking in the moment after just being married during their Yosemite Elopement.
Ring shot! An intimate wedding isn't complete without this pic!  (ok and many others haha)
Hugs and sunset, what a great way to cap off a great Yosemite wedding!
This couple danced and howled at the moon after their aweseom Glacier point elopement.

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Bride and Groom pose for a photo after the first dance and under the stars in Yosemite!
Ring shot! An intimate wedding isn't complete without this pic!  (ok and many others haha)
Hugs and sunset, what a great way to cap off a great Yosemite wedding!
Bride holds and kisses bride at the end of an awesome Yosemite intimate wedding!
Dancing the night away under the stars,  is there any better way to end a Yosemite elopement?!
Yosemite is an amazing place to have an adventure elopement!