What to Wear for An Adventure Elopement

Eloping is a magical way to get married and celebrate your love! It gives you and your partner the opportunity and freedom to craft a unique elopement experience of your own.

Compared to a big wedding, elopements are known for being way less stressful to plan. Although planning your elopement can be much less of a headache (or if done right- no headache at all!), planning what you’re going to wear can be.

Think about this- how many times have you found yourself panicking while ruffling through your closet trying to find that “one” perfect outfit? Now think about you trying to find that “one” perfect outfit for your elopement

Do you have a headache yet?

Here’s the good news- as we’ve mentioned, eloping gives you full freedom to make your day your own. Let us put it this way:

Still want that dazzling white dress? Do it! 

Maybe you’re looking for more of a casual sundress? Do it! 

You make the rules. You choose the itinerary. And as we said- this day is yours and yours alone. 

To help keep your headache from turning into a migraine, we’ve created a guide to help you figure out what you should wear for your elopement:

Intimate wedding on a bridge in the forest

1. You don’t have to settle on one outfit!

Once again, your elopement is what you make it! You don’t have to be constricted to one outfit. You can bring one outfit you’re comfortable adventuring in, and another outfit for your elopement ceremony! If you plan on hiking a ways for your ceremony this could be a great option. That way you’re hiking in something comfortable and you can change once you get to the ceremony location. Ultimately the choice is yours- you have all the freedom!

Bride hiking in for her Yosemite elopement
Bride in beautiful dress with gorgeous fall light .

2. Wear something you’re comfortable in

Most of the couples that we work with choose our Full-Day Package which gives you up to 10 hours of coverage. It’s important to choose an outfit that’s comfortable and easy to adventure around in. 

We encourage you to be realistic about your outfit choice! It’s not fun to spend your day fidgeting around in your clothes, having your feet cramp up in your new shoes, wearing unbreathable fabric, etc. 

Have your friends take a video of you twirling around in your clothing to see how your outfit flows with you. Take a small adventure with your partner and break in your shoes. Your day is about you and your partner- don’t let your clothing attire take your focus away from that!


Bride and Groom jumping after their Tahoe elopement
Groom helps bride down steps after Yosemite Elopement.

3. Make sure your outfit is suitable for whatever you have planned for your elopement

What plans have you crafted for your elopement? Whether you’re hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, or simply exploring- make sure your clothing fits whatever you’ll be doing!

Bride and Groom pier over cliff in Yosemite.
First dance in the setting sun, after a beautiful Yosemite elopement.

4. Think about what makes you feel confident and beautiful

In addition to wearing comfortable clothing, it’s also important to think about how your clothing makes you feel emotionally. Do you feel beautiful in your clothing? How confident does your outfit make you feel? How you’re feeling on the inside will translate through your photos and also influence how present you are during your day. 

Once again, your elopement is about you and your partner. Wear what makes you feel confident and beautiful on the inside- whether that’s a white dress, sweater and boots or your favorite suit – you have the freedom to choose! 

Bride laughing in a Yosemite wedding.
Bride standing with rolling green hills behind.
5. What kind of climate will you be in?

What location have you chosen for your adventure elopement? What’s the weather like during that time of year? 


In warmer climates we suggest wearing lightweight, breathable fabric like cotton, nylon, polyester, rayon, and linen. These will help you stay cool during warm and hot summer days! 

In cooler climates, we suggest layering up! It’s important to stay dry so your body can retain its heat. Insulating fabric like fleece helps keep your body heat up. Make sure that your shoes are fitting for the weather- you don’t want to get stuck in the snow with wet feet! Other clothing accessories to think about are gloves, socks, scarves, and hats. 

Check out our Pinterest Board for more seasonal inspiration!

Groom helping bride stay warm with shawl in Yosemite.
Happy bride and groom Tahoe intimate wedding
6. What will your partner be wearing?

Some of our couples take into account what their partner will be wearing for the day. Do you want to match, have your colors be compatible with each other? If you’re stumped, we can recommend some colors for you!

Groom posing with the bouquet in some beautiful Sierra light.
Couple holding hands walk down a snow covered path
7. What’s your budget?

You don’t have to spend $2,000+ to get the dress you want, but you also can if you want! For those of you who are looking to save more money, renting suits and dresses are a great option for you! Some of our favorite websites for affordable, stylish elopement outfits are Lulus, BHLDN, The Reformation, Watters, and ShopBop.

Reach out to us for more recommendations!

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